Motion + Design


• A collection of works created for Acorns, the mobile Mirco-investing app •

Acorns Official Lyric Video

As a way to drive customer engagement through entertainment combined with educational messaging, we decided to promote the brand through the use of a catchy song. After working with a recording artist and the compliance department on the sound and messaging, we moved forward with building out a lyric video. With a rapid turn around time, the goal with this video was to create something that was simple, brand centric, high energy, and playful. 

Acorns Advertisements

Acorns "Small Steps" Advertisement

The goal with this advertisement was to highlight how big of an impact small steps towards progress can make. To reinforce this thought, we used the comparison of investing small change to the great accomplishment of landing on the moon. Each step no matter how big or small is a step towards progress so we wanted to show our audience that while each micro-investment may feel small it fuels a greater goal that pays off with patience and persistence.

Acorns "Marathon" Advertisement

Investing is a marathon not a sprint. As a way to reinforce this logic we equated it to a runner who starts with a slow pace and begins to build momentum towards the end. The speed of the runner is directly tied to the background gradient which is a direct reference to the colors tied to Acorns different portfolios. The animation begins with the more conservative portfolio color ramping up to the most aggressive portfolio color which is why we see the pace of the runner accelerate. The use of a runner was a way to create a familiar association while using a symbol of health and wellness. The quotes from reputable media outlets serve as testaments to the quality and strength of the product. 

Acorns "Grad" Advertisement

An audience we wanted to include in our targeting were young parents. In order to show that the product could be used beyond the individual level, we introduce a narrative where the act of micro-investing supports the future of a child. Starting the animation with a crib and ending with graduation caps flying in the air shows the trajectory to progress that the product provides. 


Acorns "Dreams" Advertisement

While the product is not a savings account, it can be used as a vehicle for building wealth that can be put towards long awaited ventures. In this advertisement we show that the act of micro-investing can put you on the direct path towards your dreams whether that be investing in future leisure or something else on your roadmap. Either way, micro-investing is a vehicle you can rely on.

Acorns Social Graphics

Acorns "Vault" Social Graphic

To reinforce the strength and security of the product, we created an animation showing the app locked away behind a series of vaults. This was created using a combination of Cinema 4d for the modeling +rendering and Adobe After Effects for the finishing touches.


Acorns "Stranger Things" Social Graphic

To jump on the Stranger Things excitement, we created a social graphic to show our audience that this team is just as pumped and excited about the series as they were. While it was a great way to drive engagement with the Acorns community, it was also our way of showing some love to an amazing Netflix original series.

Acorns "1 Milli" Social Graphic

To celebrate hitting the milestone of a million investment accounts opened, we created an animation of fireworks bursting in the night sky. This was made around the 4th of July so it was only appropriate that the spirit of the graphic reflected that.