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36 Days of Type 2017

36 days of type is back in full swing and I'm determined to finish it this year. This section will be constantly updated until 36 days of type is over, click gifs for full res.


Animation Explorations Vol. I

A series of animation explorations ranging from characters to environments.

Animated Logos

Illustrations Vol. I

A series of illustrations referenced from the good, the bad, and the ordinary experiences in my life.

Mograph Mentor 

Project explorations from my time studying with Mograph Mentor


Are you Home Designing for a Theme

The first Mograph Mentor assignment was to design for a theme. The title of this series of images is Are you Home. Are you Home is the story of a girl who receives a letter from a her late grandfather. Within that letter is a key to his old studio and a phrase that sparks her own curiosity. That curiosity leads her through a series of scenarios from the past/present/future that help shape her meaning of what home is or could be. These set of style frames were referenced from my own experience living in Los Angeles and not feeling quite at home in the beginning. While the only demands of this project were to design a series of style frames, I plan on creating a full animation from the concept.


Dodgeball Ball Bounce Exercise

This Mograph Mentor assignment was centered around creating a ball bounce animation. It was a great exercise in practicing the fundamentals of animation. I chose to create a narrative centered around the infamous quote from the film Dodgeball "If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball". 

Doodles Vol. I

A collection of experiments with shapes.