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Birthdays in AR

Birthdays in AR


Facebook | Birthdays in AR

A little crew of creatives & engineers at Facebook teamed up to throw you a party. We invited all your friends too.  

The Experience

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you

The Gift

To encourage engagement, we designed a thumb-stopping animation to lead viewers into their party.

From Cinema 4D right back to After Effects, we pushed for a 3D design in order to better align with the experience.

We explored a few approaches before we landed on a solution that allowed for the best performance.


The Thank You

Gratitude makes for a beautiful ending.

We designed a text post background to help users celebrate the ones who celebrated them on their day.

This was designed in Cinema 4D in order to keep the creative grounded in the 3D approach that leads the experience.


The Creative Team

Daniel Ilic - Creative Director

Dinesh Dave - Product Designer

Sabrina Curry - Motion Designer

Kelsey Eaton - Art Director

Luke Wicker - Copywriter